10 Useful Resources to Learn Swift in 2017

Swift is a fairly new language out there which has quickly become some of the top programming languages in the world at this point. With mobile app continue to grow, the demand continue to grow. To help you understand and learn about Swift, these are some of the online resources that will hopefully help you.

1. Raywenderlich

Raywenderlich is a common name in the field of Swift as they have continue to prove that they are worthy of teaching Swift by sharing severals tutorials to help beginners learn Swift.

2. Learn Swift Online

You will see some of the codes and understand the basic of the codes. It is super useful for beginners.

3. Code school

Jon Friskics is a professor who enjoy building iOS and has established the course into 6 different levels where you could learn simple functions such as outlets and actions, table views and more.

4. We heart swift 

There are over 100 exercise which some say could help you master Swift. There are definitely no skills required and you could pick your level either beginner, intermediate or advance.

5. Thinkster

This site will guide you step by steps helping you understand the basics of the Swift.


Arthur Knopper shows some of the basic way of implementing different many different things that you could do on iOS.

7. CodeMentor

CodeMentor has many different writes writing for the site where sometimes could even include useful post such as basic swift interview questions to practice with. It is definitely a site with many resources about Swift

8. Swift Blog by apple

A dedicated blog by Apple containing updates or even simple updates from Apple itself.

9. Swift programming language by apple

Download the book with iBooks via your Mac or iOS Device and start reading from it. It contains almost everything you need to know. So download now!

10. Absolute beginner’s guide to swift

This site basically summarized the essentials of the Swift languages to beginners that you have a greater sense of understand with Swift.

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