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I appreciate the many feedbacks that I’ve received from you in wanting to learn more about how to find a job for yourself. It is a real struggle. It does take me awhile to actually figure out a way to do it. Like I said, this strategy has landed me far more better opportunities than the usual fresh grads. I have already sign with a company and will begin working beginning January 8, 2018 having being offered far above average pay with some benefits. Now I would like to help you and hear from your feedback. Send me a quick email at

If you would like to visit my portfolio, its here.

When I entered into an interview room and pulled out my business card and showed them my portfolio, most of their eyes were amazed with some saying, this is the first time that someone has come with such portfolio. Others were quickly amazed and didn’t ask much about my qualifications because clearly, you could have seen what I’ve achieve. Some even said, we’ve looked into every part of your portfolio, we really love it in which later I was offered a more senior position.

In every application, most of them didn’t even question the expected salary that I have wrote down but instead they were more than well pleased with the preparation that I’ve put in the portfolio.

Lets get down into business into creating your first portfolio
Step 1: get a domain & hosting site

Let me explain this in a very detailed way. Every website consists of a domain and a hosting site. Domain pretty much means the URL of the site. In this case, is literally the domain for my portfolio. Hosting site on the other hand is the web server for the hosting of the domain in which the uploaded contents will be then stored in the hosting site. The hosting site actually does play a great role influencing the speed of the site.

I found a cheap and fast domain and hosting site which could be found here. Pick the Value packaged priced at $9.88/yr. The reason behind this package was the ability to host 3 websites in which you could host your friend’s website and ask for a small portion of money back. Don’t worry so much about the renewal price, that’s not till the 365 days and you have plenty of time to think about it. If you ever do wanted to continue building your portfolio, it is definitely a wise decision to invest in yourself. If not, you could definitely choose not to renew it.

After selecting the value, you will be brought to a page where you will be given the options to buy a domain. Click on Purchase a new domain.

Domain should always be in a professional manner meaning you shouldn’t be adding any numbers or special symbols in it. For example, is a very bad example of website name as it contains both hyphens and numbers.

Once you have paid, you will receive an email showing the information that you needed to access your newly purchased domain and hosting site. Everything should cost less than $21 and you won’t have to pay anything for every month. Everything should last for about 365 days. Consider that an investment in yourself for a greater good.

Step 2: configure your site & create your website

One part of the email that you received should contain information about cPanel Access in which you are able to configure the site. Click on the cPanel URL and entered your Username and Password.

Once you have successfully login, the cPanel will look like the image below showing much of the information you needed to know but we are gonna scroll all the way down to and click on WordPress.

Click on Install Now

Input your information here by selecting your domain name. Make sure you create your own admin username and password. This information is very important as they allow you to edit the content of your site. Keep it safe at all time. Then pick any theme that you prefer, it doesn’t matter at this time because we will be changing theme shortly

When you’re done, click on Install.

When you are done at this part, make sure you click Activate. 

Congratulations! You now have created a website from the scratch. This could definitely be in your resume as you created your portfolio yourself.

Step 3: Edit your website

There are several themes here where you could try to apply on it. I did found several themes where you could use for free. However, if you prefer a nicer one, you could definitely purchase a theme from the marketplace. We will be using Latte theme here where it can be downloaded here. It’s absolutely free if you don’t want to spend any more money. If you do have more resources that you would like spend on, read further.

An example of other free themes can be found here or if you would like to browse through the marketplace to gather find your own favorite themes, feel free to check it out here.

Now let’s login to your WordPress. Add /wp-admin onto your URL. For example, if I were to access my site, I’ll do this And you will see a login page that will prompt for your username and password.

This username and password are the one created from the previous steps. If you remember the previous steps where you typed in your Admin username and password. Those are the one that are required here.

If you successfully login, you will be redirected to this page.

Click Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload Theme and upload the file that you had just downloaded. Here you are required to upload zip files. Click Install Now and click Activate after it completed the installation.

You’ll notice there isn’t any changes on your site.  Let’s unzip the folder and look for a folder called Documentation and see what we have to do. Some of the first things that we have to do is, configuring the theme as instructed.

If you followed the instruction, your website should look like this now. I have configure the website a little now and will do more in the future for my wife. But if you check out her site, these are the results.

There are many things that you can do here if you continue reading from Documentation. If not, if you look to the top, you’ll see a Customize button. With that button alone, you can configure more stuffs that you want.

This is the part where creativity kicks in. Definitely feel free to play around and make your very best portfolio with your own efforts.

Step 4: Upload your own work

This portfolio would be nothing without any of your work. Let me give you an example, I wanted to be an iOS Mobile Developer which means I will have to personally develop some iOS Mobile Apps onto my portfolio. Those are consider my work.

What if you are not a tech related major, that is totally fine. In the case of Hotel Tourism Management, you could upload your work of reviewing and rating attractions. No one have ever done that, you could do it. Start your own little thing and blow people’s mind.

I do sincerely hope you find a job. It is a struggle and I want to see you succeed. I finally have that sense of relief knowing that I have a job waiting for me after all the hard works that I have put in. I hope the same for you and I wait for your good news.

If you ever do struggle with making the site, I offer you my time and help but, that will also have to depend on my schedule. Or if you are more of wanting to get it done, I could offer you a team that I know that could help you with a small fees.

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