iOS Tutorials: Pickerview to choose time and date


Create a simple pickerview that comprise of date and time and when the time or date is selected, it will project the value on the label showing the date and time in the desired format. For this, we will be using the short format to deal with date and time.

Create your project and we will be using two objects here from the library which is a label and a date picker.

This could easily be achieve with the creation of IBAction and IBOutlet. Create IBOutlet for Label and DatePicker. If you don’t remember how to do this, you could press the object and control drag onto your view controller. If you would like split screen, press Alt and click on the ViewController.

Only DatePicker will be using IBAction here. Create an IBAction.

Here, we will try to implement some codes to help facilitate the object. Here, we are creating a format for date and time. The value from the DatePicker is in date format and we will need to convert it into string.

As a result:

Code can be downloaded on GitHub

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