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Some of the most common problems for app developer is the difficulty in designing a logo, icons or even finding the pictures that we needed. Rest assured, for today we will solve the problem together. There are many free resources that provides really beautiful icons for your apps. Sometimes, your app only need that little icon to make a difference. Let’s see what we have to beautify your mobile app.


1) Flaticon

You could discover over 741,000 vector icons with such a simple search bar. Type in anything that you are looking for and you will definitely be amazed by the creativity we have in the world.

It will shown a bunch of icons and when selected, you will be able to download it according to your desired format and size which is super convenient.

2) Icon Store

Icon Store allows you to download packs of icons which has most of the stuffs you need. However, the only set back was there isn’t much choice on format and sizes. Some of the pack comes with preset SVG format with 128px in which you will have to convert the size smaller if you need to.

3) Icon Finder

Icon Finder also has the mixture of free icon and paid icons. However, not all icons have the choices of all sizes. They also have a features where you could subscribe and download really nice icons.


1) Flat UI Colors

Picking the right colors could sometimes be a problem. This website provides a mixture of colors in which you could copy the hex codes to be used on your apps.

2) Color Hunt

This website provides the same functionality as the website above. It’s just more of a choice of self preference. However, if you couldn’t find what you are looking for using the above site, consider using this site.


1) Magdeleine

It could be a struggle sometimes to find pictures that you could use. We wouldn’t want to risk using pictures without permission if we are working for a big company. It will damage the reputation of the company. There are many sites providing free photos.


2) Stock Snap

Search over hundreds of high resolution images which are free from copyright.

3) Pixabay

Search over 1.3 million images that are generously provided by the community


1) pttrns

The site shows you a variety of design from home page to contact us. If you ever run out of idea and needs to recharge your brain for ideas, this is definitely one the page to visit.

2) Mobile Patterns

If the above site lacks ideas, try visiting this for even more ideas.



 1) Up Labs

This site shows a series of GIF that shows some of the animation for apps.


If there is any other resources that have been helpful to you, feel free to post on the comments.

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