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iOS Tutorial: Horizontal scrolling images on top of a tableview


The tutorial today will be focused on building a horizontal scrolling image view that is on top of a tableview. Here, we will be using UIScrollView and UITableView to demonstrate this tutorial.


Some of the objects that will be used here are Scroll View, Page Control, Table View, Table View Cell and Labels.

Once those objects are up, connect those with an IBOutlet so we can use them later.  Protocols are being used here as well.

I’ve created a string of array to store as an image and set the frame at 0 respectively.

Inside my viewDidLoad is where the whole process take place of setting the size of the scroll view along with the image view.

With this, we can see our images and be able to scroll them horizontally. With the last step of implementing page control, simply insert the following code:

The end result will look like the following:


The code can be downloaded from GitHub




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