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We are going to write an algorithm that will detect the String to make sure that it is unique in the sense of not containing duplicate alphabet. For example, the word Hello is not unique as it contains 2 l’s.

With the code below, we simply return either true or false depending if the value is unique or not. The code loops through the input appending each character into usedLetters  and with the if statement to check if there are duplicates. If there is duplicates, it will return false.

func isUnique(input:String) -> Bool {
    var usedLetters = [Character]()
    for letter in input {
        if usedLetters.contains(letter) {
            return false
    return true

The result is as follow

isUnique(input: "Hello")        // will return false
isUnique(input: "Whats up")     // will return true


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