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What is Concatenation?

Last updated on September 24, 2019

Concatenation is to link together two objects of any type. Let’s say we would like to concatenate A & B, it just means we would like to link A & B together and the output would be A B.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn what is interpolation. You’ll learn:

  • How to use Concatenation.
  • The differences between Interpolate and Concatenation.


To follow along this tutorial, you’ll need some basic knowledge in:

  • Basic familiarity in Swift
  • At least Xcode 7.1

Code Example

There are time that you would like to concatenate a data with a description and you could use the output1 or in times you only would like to concatenate the data, then you could use output

Do take note that this is different with concatenate as concatenate involves combining both value while interpolation is an insertion of a value into a string.

Where to go From Here

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