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Upload missing dSYMs to Firebase Crashlytics

Firebase Crashlytics is a very useful tools that will help you identify crashes on your iOS apps by sending a report to you telling you which line of code crashes.

It’s one of tech stack that is very useful to know. However, sometimes it could be a little difficult to understand how things work.

Here, you will learn how to upload a missing dSYMs into Firebase so you could see the crashes reports.

Below is an example of the Crashlytics dashboard if the dSYMs is uploaded correctly.

Here, you will be able to find out what is the root cause of the crash.

Uploading dSYMs

First, you will download the dSYMs from the iTunesConnect. Go to your app and click on Activity > Select the version > Download dSYMs

Next, open your Terminal and look for upload-symbols which can be found inside your project /project/Pods/FirebaseCrashlytics/upload-symbols

Drag that into the terminal.

Then type -gsp

Next, locate your GoogleService-Info.plist which can usually be found /project/GoogleService-Info.plist unless you move it into a different location.

Drag that into terminal

Then type -p ios

Next, locate your dSYMs which should be in your Download folder and drag that into the terminal as well.

Your command should look like as follow:

Press Enter once you are done and all the magic work will take place behind the scene. And you know everything works when you see the successful sign

Happy debugging!

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  1. proft proft

    Should I do this steps on every update to Apple Store? (Activity > __Select the version__ > Download dSYMs)
    Or just once?

    • You need to do this if your Firebase Crashlytics is prompting you to upload your DSYMs.

      You can even add the following code inside your Build Phases, which will always upload every time you release the app.
      -gsp /path/to/GoogleService-Info.plist -p ios /path/to/dSYMs

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