About Us

About DaddyCoding

DaddyCoding is slowly gaining momentum as one of the most visited site to learn iOS Programming. DaddyCoding was an idea pitched by Kelvin Tan in Empower Your Dream to encourage coding for people of different ages. Our mission is to continue to expose programming especially iOS to different individuals who has desire to learn. Our goal is that you are able to succeed in making your own iOS Apps and continue to contribute to the society around you.

In addition to that, my other motivation in writing tutorials is to share my knowledge on the site where it is accessible by anyone at anytime. Along with free tutorials, feel free to follow our Facebook to get latest updates from the site.


Members of the Team

Kelvin Tan is the founder of DaddyCoding and Web Developer/iOS Developer. He is a self taught iOS Developer who has published several apps on his own capacity and is looking to publish more in the future.

You can follow him at Linkedin, Facebook or Instagram.


Spencer Forrest is currently pursuing a Master Degree in Computer Science and is passionate about iOS Development and Swift. He is also learning standard mandarin and traditional characters. Spencer speaks English & French
You can follow him at Linkedin or Facebook